My Top 20 Foods

20. Rice

Now coming in on the final spot of my list is good old rice. It is the so it would almost be disrespectful to leave this staple food off the list. You can dress it up with meat and vegetables and seasonings, or you can dress it down with JUST soy sauce, and it is still an enjoyable experience. I mean what more can you ask for? It also doesn’t hurt that it is super cheap and easy to make.

19. Cantaloupe

I’m not a huge fruit guy, but if I had to pick, cantaloupe is easily my favorite, and it isn’t even particularly close. The sweet flavor, the solid yet soft texture, the frickin color orange. It checks all the boxes for me.

18. Trail Mix

Now, this is a food where the details really matter. I’m not talking about trail mix in the broad sense, but instead, I am referring to a very specific mix. Trail Mix in its purest sense is made up of peanuts, cashews, almonds, M&Ms, and raisins. Don’t give me chocolate chips or dried fruits, or for the love of everything good, those bobo “chocolate-coated candies”. Give me the classic mix. It’s filling while also being the perfect balance of sweet and salty. Great for a hike or for watching Youtube, it is wonderfully versatile.

On top of all of that, it’s low-key healthy.

17. Plain Cheerios

I feel like I have the obligation to make it clear that I don’t eat cereal with milk. I only eat it dry, as my breakfast or for a snack. Now you might be thinking, “how the hell do you eat plain Cheerios dry”. And I will tell you. They are so simple and have the tiniest amount of sugar that makes them that more enjoyable. They make me feel sophisticated, yet pragmatic every time I eat them. And really, who is going to pass up good cholesterol?

16. Beef Jerky

I honestly believe that this might be the most slept-on food on this list. I know the high price point can be a turn-off, but sometimes you have to look the other way when it comes to a great snack. You get all the protein of red meat but in a snack. Now it is for sure salty as hell, but we all know that is why it tastes so good. Also, have you had bacon jerky??? It’s bacon, but a snack! (More on that later)

15. Asparagus

What a vegetable. Absolutely delicious no matter the occasion. I think asparagus holds a special place in my heart because I actually oven roast it sometimes -with a little bit of olive oil, a sprinkling of white cheddar cheese, and bacon bits (if I’m feeling ambitious). This makes it one of the only things I actually “cook”. During quarantine, I ate it 3–4 times a week for months.

14. Eggs

I think eggs are pretty cool because they can be used in so many ways. They are an integral part of both the number 20 and the number 1 item on the list. Just think of all the things you can add them too and the taste value immediately skyrockets: BURGERS, STIR FRYS, AVACADO. They are high in protein as well if that matters to you, but they are also high in cholesterol. BUT, as long as you’re eating your cheerios you’ll be fine.

13. Chikfila Chicken Nuggets

Now I absolutely love Chikfila, but after 2 and half months of Chikfila almost every day (thanks to COVID-19 and a bunch of unused meal vouchers) I quickly learned that too much of a good thing is possible. However, even as I was getting sick of fries and chicken sandwiches and even Chikfila sauce, the nuggets kept me coming back. They are the best chicken nuggets on the planet. Also is there anything more exciting than walking into an event and seeing a nugget platter? I didn’t think so.

12. Dark Chocolate Covered Nuts

What a delicious treat. Whether it’s peanuts or almonds coated in that rich semisweet dark chocolate, there is hardly a snack I appreciate more. Now don’t put milk chocolate or white chocolate on my nuts; that’s for children. Dark chocolate only, please. Also, for those who are wondering if I had to pick, I would choose almonds over peanuts

11. Bacon

The most popular “popular food”. There is a reason for this. Bacon is so good. It’s another one of those foods that makes everything better. Throw it on ANY sandwich and that sandwich is top tier. Put it as a side with ANY breakfast meal and bang! a much more memorable dining experience. Now there is really only one way to eat your bacon. Whether hand-cut or from the microwave, it better be well done. I mean crispy. There is no other way. End of discussion.

10. Tomato and Cucumber Salad

This one holds a very special place in my heart. Arguably my signature dish. It has an exquisite mix of cucumber, tomato, mozzarella cheese, garbanzo beans, and a light vinaigrette. Throw some basil and pepper in there and it becomes health in a Tupperware container. The garbanzo beans make it filling while everything else makes it taste great. Now don’t get me wrong I like other people’s interpretation of the salad, but mine for sure is the best.

9. Philadelphia Cheesesteak

Damn. My mouth is watering just thinking about this. Now sandwiches in general almost always get it done for me, but a cheesesteak is just a step above the rest. That thinly sliced steak combined with sharp cheddar (I actually don’t enjoy cheese whiz) and some grilled onion. Woooh, I’m sweating. The thing about a cheesesteak is it has to be an authentic Philly cheesesteak. None of that stuff you get at Subway or Charlie’s. It needs the Amarosa roll and none of that extra stuff (peppers, mushrooms, lettuce, etc). When it is authentic there is hardly anything better.

8. Italian Hoagie

Now, this was tough to compare to the Philly cheesesteak but after careful consideration, I decided a nice Italian hoagie is just a bit better. All of those delicious deli meats with a bunch of veggies and Italian dressing make for a hoagie that is hard to mess up. Whether I’m getting the WaWa shortie version or the Publix sub of the week version, I always savor every bite. I also think it is pretty cool that you can have it cold or toasted and it is equally as good. A real “do it all” kind of sandwich.

7. Chex Cereal

This is my second cereal entry on the list and yes I also eat it exclusively dry. Chex is great for reasons I can’t really explain. Maybe its the variety of flavors or the lack of overwhelming sweetness, but it seems to be perfect. I dont have much to say about Chex. It’s just a really good cereal.

6. Bell Peppers

This one deserves a special place on the list because of the health benefits. High in Vitamin C to boost that immune system, I give these the most credit for keeping me from getting sick for almost 4 years and counting. I am always impressed with bell peppers because they are good whether they are cooked or raw. I enjoy them as a snack and I REALLY enjoy them as an addition to pretty much any dish. Sauteed/grilled peppers make everything better.

BONUS: As you know they come in many colors so here is the definitive ranking: 1. Orange 2. Red 3. Yellow 4. Green. Funny enough that is also the order of most to least expensive.

5. Reese’s Cups

I don’t think there is a candy more well made than this Hershey creation. It is undoubtedly the PERFECT ratio of peanut butter to chocolate. EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat a Reese’s cup I'm impressed by how good it is. The only people who don’t like these are “allergic” to peanuts or whatever.

4. Wawa Soft Pretzel

It is hard to put into words what a Wawa soft pretzel means to me. It is a sweet memory, an ever-present comforter, and in all honesty, a lifestyle. It is so perfectly delicious yet so simple. Serve it warm or serve it cold. With mustard or straight dry. As a meal or as a snack. On a road trip or watching a movie. On Germantown Pike in Norristown, PA or in Orlando, FL. No matter the circumstances a Wawa soft pretzel always comes through.

3. Quinoa

Alright, I’m gonna be honest, quinoa obviously isn't the best tasting food you can eat. But as an adult, it is important to remember that eating healthy is just as important as being tasty, or at least in the same ballpark. All of that being said, quinoa smacks! It is extremely healthy and extremely filling. It’s good for almost everything number 20 on the list can do, but it does it with the added benefit of you feeling better about yourself (whether deserved or not). I know quinoa shouldn't be this high but here it is regardless.

2. Chips

I know Funyons got their own category earlier and I think that was well deserved because of how great they are, however that doesn't discount what chips, in general, do for me. I LOVE CHIPS. They are my snack of choice. I love kettle-cooked style chips the most with their variety of flavors. (1. Sour cream and onion 2. Cheese flavored 3. Salt and Vinegar). I also adore tortilla chips as they make up 1/2 of arguably food #21 in my life: “Chips and Salsa”. Anyone who has ever lived with me knows I buy 3–5 bags of chips A WEEK and honestly, I’m not ashamed. I crave them from morning till night and they always hit the spot.

Fun fact: My all time favorite chip is Funyons and yes they do count as a chip.

1.Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich

Ahhhhh…. Here we are, the pinnacle of food. Ever since I can remember this has been my favorite thing to eat. It combines #11 and #14 on my list and takes them to another level. It is great for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Whether served on a delicious bagel or some toasted white bread it is still going to hit the same. I think part of what makes this food so elite is it is so hard to mess up. You can get a quality (crispy)bacon, egg, and cheese at Dunkin Donuts or McDonald's along with a restaurant like First Watch. You can also make a great one at home. Go get yourself one this week and youll be reminded of how great of a food this sandwich really is.



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